The Nucleus Project Rewards Program

Powerful yet easy to understand compensation plan

There are 6 Income Streams!

  1. Monthly Personal Referral Bonuses
  2. Monthly 3x7 Matrix Commissions
  3. Monthly Matching Bonuses
  4. 4 Global Bonus Pools – Paid Quarterly
  5. Members Only Discounted Products Store (PV paid up 7 Levels)
  6. Retail Commissions

A simple to understand yet incredibly powerful rewards plan with unlimited – uncapped income potential

Affiliate Types, Subscriptions, Referral Bonuses & Earnings Potential


3x7 Matrix Commissions

The following 3x7 commissions table is an example of how the program would look  based on the $49 participation. (These figures are variable due to the different Affiliate product packages).

Matching Bonuses

Paid to the Active Affiliate who has personally introduced at least 2 other Active Affiliates in their Matrix.  The Matching Bonus is a percentage of their personally sponsored Active Affiliates Matrix Commissions and helps determine Member status.

Global Bonus Pools

Paid to Active Affiliates who have personally sponsored at least 2 Active Affiliates,  The Global Bonus Pools are made up of 2% from the total monthly Affiliate product purchases. The Global Pools will be totaled and then divided by the number of achievers eligible for the Global Pools, with each receiving one equal share of each pool. (Note: These Pools are paid out quarterly)

  • Social Affiliates can qualify for either the Bronze or Silver Bonus Pool
  • Premium Affiliates can qualify for either the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum* Bonus Pool

An Affiliate cannot share in more than one Global Bonus Pool in any quarter and will share in only the Global Bonus Pool that they are eligible for during the quarter.

Platinum* – To share in the Platinum Global Pool, you must be an ‘Active’ <strong>Premium Member</strong> with at least 12 of your personally referred active Affiliates that qualified you for the 100% Matching Bonus&nbsp;and they&nbsp;must be eligible for the Bronze Global Pool (12 must have at least referred 2 active Affiliates).

Once you have shared in a Global Bonus Pool for 4 consecutive quarters you will maintain a share of that Global Bonus Pool ongoing even if your team activity falls below the qualifications required to be in this Global Bonus Pool. You will never drop back to a lower level Global Bonus Pool but may progress onto a higher Global Bonus Pool when eligible.

TNP Store Purchase Commissions

All products in the discounted store have a PV allocated. Commissions on purchases of the products whether they are individual or bulk purchases are paid into the 3x7 matrix up 7 levels from point of purchase at the percentages shown below per level.

Retail Commissions

The 3 Affiliate product packages available at retail

  • Social Retail – $29/month
  • Premium Retail – $69/month

In addition to matrix commissions Retail Commissions will be payable to the seller