Company Vision Statement

The Nucleus Project is a multi-faceted online business community that assists people in making money

Mission Statement

To provide communication, collaboration, education, online business tools, training and resources to individuals, companies, groups and organizations, with a focus on community and relationship building

Business Model

The Nucleus Project is the culmination of a combined 40 plus years working online and a shared desire to help people succeed financially.

Many of those years were spent building businesses using communities, education and mutually beneficial relationships. The concept was sound and market demand high but there were always issues outside of our control that prevented us from creating the complete long term solution.

The proper mix of technology, resources and personalities has finally become available and has created a situation where that vision of creating and maintaining a platform that can help people become successful online can become reality.

The company has six initial scale-able elements:

  • Making Money – via our 3×7 forced matrix compensation plan with matching bonuses and bonus pools
  • Community – via our social media/networking platform and online conferencing system
  • Marketing – via our online business tools and resources
  • Training – via the TNP Academy training and resource platform
  • Improve Your Lifestyle – contains 3 levels of financial management and marketing related training seminars
  • Global Entertainment Productions – uses a co-operative pools structure to fund projects in the entertainment industry