‘1’ is a contemporary science-fiction drama feature film about Darren, a man addicted to fast cars, booze and highway racing. His reckless lifestyle results in him being busted for drink-driving and his adoring partner Misha isn’t impressed. Misha desires for them to lead a simpler, cleaner life and she wants to lift Darren out of his addictions.

Yet despite his vows to change Darren continues his dangerous ways until it’s too late; he causes a car crash that injures Misha. Though her injury wasn’t serious she decides to leave him and move in with her parents who live thousands of kilometres away, until he can get his act together.

Faced with the consequences of his actions, Darren determines to clean up his act. He wants to find forgiveness from Misha so that they can be reunited. Greater forces now appear in the form of a malevolent alien invasion and in no time humanity is obliterated, all except one person: Darren. However, he is unaware that he is the last person left alive. Totally alone, Darren must decide whether to stay and await his fate, or face the dangers of an arduous journey to get to Misha and to find forgiveness from her.

It is a long, perilous journey and one that Darren has to endure. Not only must he stay one step ahead of the alien scout ships that relentlessly search the planet, he must also survive alone in the wild while also battling his own guilt and remorse. His weighed-down backpack and numerous supplies make his journey even harder. It is on this journey however that Darren begins to find new truths and new insights into life and existence.

Darren finally makes it to Misha’s parents home only to discover an empty house and the discovery that Misha is dead – she was killed before the invasion. His journey it seems was for nothing. Anger and despair washing over him, Darren takes a car and speeds off to the cemetery where Misha was buried, only to learn via her headstone that she was killed in a car accident. This revelation destroys Darren, he now has nothing left to live for – it is as if he himself had killed Misha.

With no future and only a painful past, Darren shuffles away, finally discarding the heavy goods he has carried with him for so long. But this moment of shedding his possessions is the catalyst for change within him. For the first time in his life he learns that he can live simply and freely and this is what Misha wanted for him all along. Experiencing a perfect moment of calm and peace, Misha appears to Darren and he knows he has been forgiven.

It is at this moment that two alien scout ships rise up. Darren is surrounded and he knows his end has come, yet he faces it with love and serenity. He achieved his journey in ways he could never have imagined.

The last representative of the human race dies forgiven and at peace.